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David G. Smith (
Sun, 12 Nov 2000 21:02:13 -0500

I tried the newspaper method once and got a box of rotten tomatoes wrapped
in newspaper.  My FIL has tried all three methods mentioned so far and says
just putting them in a box works as well as any.  He had tomatoes almost
until Christmas last year, just storing them in the basement.  Not even a
really cool basement.


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Subject: [gardeners] green tomatoes

> Hello folks,
> Once again, I seek advice.  My gardening books tell me that green tomatoes
> will ripen indoors in 2 or 3 weeks, longer if you wrap them individually
> newspaper and store them in a cool dark place.  Has anyone tried this, or
> any other method for ripening green tomatoes?  I'm not a fan of fried
> tomatoes as much as I like the red ones, and unbelievably we were still
> getting ripe ones up until this week (here in zone 5!).  But snow is on
> way, so I've gone out and harvested and now I have a big bucket of green
> tomatoes I'm not quite sure what to do with...
> I'd prefer not to have a box of rotting green tomatoes in my basement (to
> join the racks of what look like rotting--but we hope are merely
> "curing"--gourds!) so if you have any tips for success in ripening them,
> please pass them along.
> Thanks,
> Wendy
> (I thought when I moved here from San Diego that I'd have a SHORT
> season, but in fact we've had more harvest time here than I ever had in
> Cal.  Amazing year...)