[gardeners] Weather report

Shirley,George (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 16 Nov 2000 15:24:21 -0600

I think I can honestly say that the drought in SW Louisiana has broken. We are
getting rain since yesterday and it has been falling steadily all of that time.
The ground is finally getting saturated enough that there is some runoff and I
have reports that the freshwater marshes are beginning to fill again. It's
actually been raining here, off and on, for about a week now and we are glad to
see it.

Our cabbages are heading up nicely, the radishes are still producing, the chard
is about 6 inches tall, the carrots are still feathery but doing well, the NZ
spinach is spreading, the kohlrabi and Florence fennel are doing well, and the
onions have gone mad. I start picking some tomorrow and they've only been in the
ground about a month. Bunching onions are over a foot tall and there are three
to five onions in each bunch where only one start was planted.

The tender plants are in the greenhouse and I'm starting to itch to plant the
spring seeds in the pots but must force myself to wait until January 15th.

Life is indeed good.