Re: [gardeners] Quiet time in our garden.

Ron Hay (
Wed, 29 Nov 2000 16:45:22 -0800

Hello, Elizabeth,

Thank you for your kind note.

I ran to my _Sunset Western Garden Book_ for clarification.  Their real
name is Dietes (Moreaea), or African Iris: I quote from p. 264 of the n
1997 edition:
"Fan-shaped clumps of narrow, stiff, irislike leaves. Flowers like
miniature Japanese iris appear on branched stalks, throughout spring,
summer and fall, sometimes well into winter in mild areas.  Each flower
lasts only a day but is quickly replaced by another. Bloom bursts seem
to come at 2-week intervals---hence the name 'forthight lily.' "

It appears the variety we have is D. vegata: " to 4' with 3" wide, waxy
white flowers with orange-and-brown  blotch, purple stippling.
'Johnsoni' is robust variety with large leaves and flowers."

I hope this provides you with a little more information.