Re: [gardeners] OT: Good Grief! Natural gas prices

Shirley,George (
Thu, 14 Dec 2000 17:33:36 -0600

That's the reason I found for our giant leap for gaskind. The Gas Cost
Adjustment (GCA) went up 43.4 percent from last month. It normally runs about
26.5 percent. For those that don't understand utilityspeak the GCA is the actual
cost of the gas the energy company purchases. That is converted to a percentage
of the gas you use and then used as a multiplier on your bill. Easily explains
why our gas bill tripled. I don't like it but I can understand it. 

Next question: Can I now increase my charges to my consulting customers by 43.4
percent in order to meet the increase by the gas company? No, I'm not a monopoly
and my customers can go elsewhere to buy their services. I shudder to think what
the electric bill is going to be, several of their power stations burn gas to
make steam to turn the generators. Oh well, if we want to stay warm we have no


lneuru wrote:
> Energy prices are expected to skyrocket this year.  I forget which energy
> is in short supply - gas, oil or electricity, but it doesn't matter.  Once
> there is a shortage in one, the others crank up their price too.  I can
> hardly wait to get our first winter bill.
> Lucinda
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> > Just got my natural gas bill in the mail. Last month's bill was $25.02,
> this
> > month's was $72.99! Used 70 CCF of gas on this bill, used 70 CCF on the
> last
> > bill. I may drill a shallow well and start producing my own gas at these
> prices.
> >
> > Being inside Louisiana they can get away with charging whatever they want
> for
> > the gas, once it crosses the state line its regulated by the feds who try
> to
> > keep the price down.
> >
> > You Yankees quit using so much of our gas, this is getting too expensive.
> <VBG>
> > Just kidding, y'all stay warm, I have stock in a few gas producers and
> > transporters. Crank that thermostat up, if my dividends go up I can
> afford to
> > run the furnace.
> >
> > George