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Fri, 15 Dec 2000 14:51:19 -0600

That's true about any home I reckon. In the East Texas Piney Woods (always
capitalized) we used to own some property we had intended to retire on until my
heart did it's thang. To darned far from hospitals and doctors and the amenities
unhealthy older citizens need. Wouldn't mind doing something similar around here
but two or three miles north of town where land is cheaper. No such thing as a
hill for about 100 or more miles though. Your Nova Scotia farm sounds nice, when
y'all hanging it up and moving?


lneuru wrote:
> We have that in Nova Scotia, George.  Or most of it.  The house is old wood
> frame and we are insulating, but it does have wood heat, a well, and a
> cesspit  - on the other siide of the house from the well:)  I think we'll
> be seeing more solar energy in the very near future.  Windows are
> strategically placed to get the often very warm afternoon sun, which will
> warm up a corner to about 80 degrees, even if the air temps are lower.  The
> old-timers who did not have electricity and PUCs  knew what they were
> doing.
> A friend up in the Bruce Peninsula (piney woods on the escarpment, very
> *north*) has an earth shelter home, built into side of a small hill and
> with old tires filled with earth.  Works very well, and once the decorating
> is done, it need not look any different than any other pineywoods home.
> I don't think any type of home is unworkable; what one doesn't want to do
> is be dependent on purchased energy if it can be avoided.
> Lucinda
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> > I'm 61 and willhave to retire one of these days. Seriously thinking piney
> woods,
> > earthshelter home, wood stove, wind and solar generation, water well
> drilled
> > inside the house for protection from weather. Of course I don't have the
> bucks
> > required to do all those things but it doesn't hurt to dream. I went out
> and
> > bought a lottery ticket today, something we seldom do. Maybe we can get
> rich
> > quick and thumb our noses at the poor people. Yeah, sure!
> >
> > George
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> > Ron Hay wrote:
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> > > I hear you, George! My 82 y.o. mother in law in Chula Vista,CA, a
> suburb
> > > of San Diego, saw her electric rate more than double this summer. It
> > > made her worry if she could afford to cook meals!
> > >
> > > Ron