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Fri, 15 Dec 2000 14:57:37 -0500

We have that in Nova Scotia, George.  Or most of it.  The house is old wood
frame and we are insulating, but it does have wood heat, a well, and a
cesspit  - on the other siide of the house from the well:)  I think we'll
be seeing more solar energy in the very near future.  Windows are
strategically placed to get the often very warm afternoon sun, which will
warm up a corner to about 80 degrees, even if the air temps are lower.  The
old-timers who did not have electricity and PUCs  knew what they were

A friend up in the Bruce Peninsula (piney woods on the escarpment, very
*north*) has an earth shelter home, built into side of a small hill and
with old tires filled with earth.  Works very well, and once the decorating
is done, it need not look any different than any other pineywoods home.

I don't think any type of home is unworkable; what one doesn't want to do
is be dependent on purchased energy if it can be avoided.


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> Date: Friday, December 15, 2000 12:57 PM
> I'm 61 and willhave to retire one of these days. Seriously thinking piney
> earthshelter home, wood stove, wind and solar generation, water well
> inside the house for protection from weather. Of course I don't have the
> required to do all those things but it doesn't hurt to dream. I went out
> bought a lottery ticket today, something we seldom do. Maybe we can get
> quick and thumb our noses at the poor people. Yeah, sure!
> George
> Ron Hay wrote:
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> > I hear you, George! My 82 y.o. mother in law in Chula Vista,CA, a
> > of San Diego, saw her electric rate more than double this summer. It
> > made her worry if she could afford to cook meals!
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> > Ron