Re: [gardeners] Cooking from the garden

Margaret Lauterbach (
Thu, 04 Jan 2001 08:49:00 -0700

At 12:59 AM 1/4/01 -0500, you wrote:

>Hi, Penny in N.S. -- and how great to hear your voice!  I still use
>the signature of Penny, NY just so that I can leave room for your
>return -- that's true!
>Sure wish I could buy that old fashioned crunchy pumpernickle
>down here. Used to LOVE it !
>Did you get any of the effects of that last week's snow storm..?
>We probably got about 14 inches, and since we only had one
>measely snow storm last winter, Jimmie felt totally deprived..
>Now, at last, he is smiling day and night as he shovels...  We
>are supposed to get more snow on Thursday, but one never knows.
>The indoor plants are busting their way out of the gro-lights. I
>wish I had double the space for them!  There are 6 or 8 kinds
>of coleus, plus a number of exotic geraniums and my old favorite,
>hoya carnosa 'shooting star' ....  It's a merry cornucopia of bright
>greenery which I love to see -- and even when I get  tired of having
>to water them all, I still treat them with much affection.
>Perhaps you will come and join us again soon, Penny. We would
>welcome you . . . .
>Penny, NY
When I heard that NYC was forecast to get 12 inches of snow, my first 
thought was of Jimmie.  Penny, have you ever talked to him about the great 
similarity between shoveling snow and turning compost 
piles?  Hmmmm.  Margaret L