[gardeners] Weather report

Shirley,George (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 05 Jan 2001 08:32:14 -0600

We had a hard freeze yesterday, a light frost this morning, and they're
forecasting 60 plus degrees by 4 pm today with temps rising into the high 60's
or even 70 over the weekend. I guess I'll have to go and uncover all the plants
and open the greenhouse up to keep stuff from getting to hot.

Got a lot of chile plants that bit the dust but the Thai Hots are trying to
bloom again. think I'll prune them as they look like six foot tall trees and let
them rest until warm weather comes for sure. Gotta prune the lemon tree and one
of my kumquats too, they're getting rather shaggy looking.

Soon be time to start seeds for the spring garden so I'm marking pages in the
seed catalogs. Only need a few seeds as I don't have room to store anymore.

Gotta go now, going into town to trade the old red pickemup truck on a 2001
Hyundai Elantra. We need at least one newer vehicle and both the old ones have
over 150K on them (one has 180K now). Damn, first new vehicle we've bought since
1976. I just don't like the looks of the late model used cars around here.

I'm going to be chanting my bargaining mantra until the deal is done. 

George, off to the wars