Re: [gardeners]Snow permitting, of course

penny x stamm (
Sat, 6 Jan 2001 02:14:08 -0500

Now Margaret, that is the most pregnant idea I have heard in 
many years!  Can't wait until he wakes up -- and of course, 
you were aware that he cannot manage turning the compost...???

Or is it that he doesn't choose to..? 

The snow ploughs have been tearing thru, and it really looks
as if poor Jimmie hasn't shovelled anything!  Doesn't make him 
unhappy, of course, because now he can have the joy of 
redoing the 130 ft driveway, and ain't that fun...!

We have to drive into NYC on Saturday to pick up Jim's 91-y-o
cousin to bring along to Cousin Marion's  90th party, because
his 82-y-o cousin is already driving in to get their 93- and 90-y-o
other cousins, and he expects his son & grandson to fly in from
Madison, Wisc, and has no more room in the car. That makes
Jimmie the junior cousin in the bunch!  Her family's coming
from Long Island, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Missouri, and
probably California and Texas. And to think that Marion only
had two kids...! 


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