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Sat, 06 Jan 2001 07:41:03 -0600

I can get a special hitch for the Hyundai but won't, the Dodge can't take a
hitch. Well, I guess I could get one welded to the frame but then I would have
to buy a trailer too. She's hauled several tons of horse manure in the old Dodge
and can go back to doing that again. She informed me yesterday she was gonna
drive the Dodge and I would have to drive the new car. Oh Woe is me! The Dodge
and I have become good friends over the last ten years but I reckon I can learn
to like the new one. <BSEG>


bsk wrote:
> Maybe you need a trailer hookup for a lightweight job? Don't know what the
> car looks like but if it could pull a small trailer that would work.
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> > It's back to hauling buckets of horse puckey in the old Dodge sedan.
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