[gardeners]Roses was: Very Productive 2 week vacation....

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Sat, 6 Jan 2001 15:44:50 -0500


I saw something today at the grocery I know you'd like:  the Spring 2001
issue of Garden Style magazine, put out by the same people who do
Horticulture magazine.  Called, "A Special Issue for Rose Lovers," it was
full of gorgeous pictures and articles.  

Zone 6, KY

On Thu, 04 Jan 2001 04:52:05 -0700 "Alan Zelhart"
<rpcs30@email.sps.mot.com> writes:
> Things are going well here.  It has been a very productive week off.  
> I have
> one more week to enjoy!  I've been very busy in my rose gardens.  
> This week
> I started pruning back all my hybrid teas, grandiflora, shrub roses 
> and mini
> roses.  I also have had quite a few new roses come in, and have them
> planted, they were bare root.   I still have about15-20 more roses 
> that have
> not arrived yet. I've sort of loss track...laugh!  I've been buying 
> mostly
> Old Garden and Austin roses this year.  Although there are a few 
> Hybrid Teas
> I just could not avoid.  If you get a chance, go to
> http://www.carltonroses.comn and check out Gypsy Leonidas and 
> Fire-n-Ice.
> Two absolutely stunning hybrid teas.  This will be my first attempt 
> at
> trying florist roses in my garden.  I can't wait to see how they do!
> Roses I've already planted this winter:
> [snip]