Re: [gardeners] Cooking from the garden

penny x stamm (
Tue, 9 Jan 2001 00:51:17 -0500

Thanks, George, for the promise of sending the rye bread recipe. 
She not only uses the bread machine for bread, but also for 
making pizza for her hubby. Whenever he is "on call" and has
had a terrible day, she makes sure that the house smells from
fresh pizza as he walks in the door.  It's called 'comfort food'
in his case, and is well named...

As she describes it, in her newest bread machine, she can put in
all the pizza ingredients in the morning, and the machine will hold
back the yeast until the timer tells it to go to work.  That sounds
almost as Buck Rogers as a voice controlled computer! 

Penny, NY  

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