Re: [gardeners] tomatoes which come to a point ---

penny x stamm (
Wed, 10 Jan 2001 00:33:58 -0500

Hi, Byron -- the seeds arrived today during a snow shower. 
Perfect antidote for the winter blues!  I appreciate your
sending same, and will put them to work in just a few weeks.

We love the snow, but when one is trying to bring and return a
daughter with winter weather and current airport problems, 
somehjow the snow does not look appealing . . .  It's now become
icey underfoot, and that's not how it looks in Hollywood -- somehow
now one ever slips in the movies....  So we are walking like 
penguins, waddling from side to side, with our arms outstretched 
for balance, and so far, we have gotten away with it.  Jimmie has
done the 130 ft driveway 3 times, and still looks forward to more ...
he's obviously insane. 

Thanks once more, Byron --

Penny, NY

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