Re: [gardeners] Sour cream rye bread

penny x stamm (
Wed, 10 Jan 2001 01:18:32 -0500

George, I have forwarded the recipe for the rye bread to DJ in
St.Louis, and she will very soon be trying it out. It seems rather
different from her own rye bread formula, so we shall see. DJ
complains that she cannot start a "sour-dough starter" at this
time of year, because no part of her house is 85 degrees!  She
keeps it at 65*, and bundles up like an Eskimo....  

We got ourselves up at 6:30am today to make a 10:30am plane
at an airport half an hour away. The temperatures were dropping
precipitously at midnite, and there was slush on the ground -- and
the tv weather reporters were crying doomsday...  Yet we awoke
to gradual sunshine, and all the roads everywhere had been
cleared!  DJ's plane was cancelled -- naturally, that's the pattern of
life these days -- for "ground problems", whatever that means. But
the funniest part of it all was Jimmie's greeting as we woke up that
TWA had gone out of business.  Great big joke, right?  DJ didn't even
bat an eyelash, saying that TWA had gone bankrupt three times 
before, and still survived, so she was sure that she would reach
St.Louis ....   Her big worry was that if American buys TWA as
planned, then St. Louis may lose one of its primary employers...
Anyway,  they had switched her electronically onto the next plane
but had not notified her, rather a strange procedure.  The next plane
was delayed 20 minutes, then another half an hour, then another, and
finally they boarded and left the gate. However, even the automated
telephone service admitted that they had not left the airport!  After 
another hour just sitting there, they took off. 

You know, she could have walked home faster than that -- it's only 
90 minutes away by air, but that's a fairy tale. It USED to be only 
90 minutes by air.  Now it's 5 hours. She cannot wait until they 
perfect the flying back packs so she can dress up like Amelia 
Aerheart and make her own way home in a breeze . . . .  

Thanks, George!

Penny, NY

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