[gardeners] Monday in the garden

Shirley,George (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 15 Jan 2001 10:20:08 -0600

Took a break from the office a little while ago and went out into the main
garden. The broccoli has heads about 3 inches across and is looking healthy. The
cauliflower has lots of foliage but has made no curds yet. The Florence fennel
is starting to bulb up as is the kohlrabi. The Swiss chard is about eight inches
tall and some of it is going in the cookpot tonight. Scallions are still going
strong and I really need to start harvesting, cleaning, and chopping for the
freezer. The chiles are kaput, I may be able to salvage the Thai Hots but,
again, I might not.

The sassafras tree is already starting to bud out but none of the fruit trees
are as yet. The NZ spinach bit the dust on the last freeze, the wind blew the
leaves off of it and it died.

It is cool, not cold, the sun is shining and the wind is gently blowing. Now if
the ground would dry up from last nights rain we could get another ton of oak
leaves off the ground. The one oak tree left in the backyard must be sentient,
it waits until we pick up the leaves and turn our backs and then it drops
another load of them. The blamed thing still has about half its leaves and I
think it's teasing us.

Back to the paperwork.