[gardeners] OT: New car

Shirley,George (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 20 Jan 2001 16:06:37 -0600

I filled up the new car this afternoon. took 10.1 gallons to full status.
Checking the mileage shows I'm getting 31.1 miles per gallon with mixed
city/highway travel. The first tank of gas lasted 15 days almost to the hour. I
think I'm gonna like this little car.

Garden content: Not much, it's still cold out even with the bright sunshine.
Sleepy and I have our sweaters on and Miz Anne is outside wire brushing a bread
rack she's turning into a watercolor drying rack. That woman can scavenge
anything. Today we took her aluminum cans by the recycle place and she got 8 or
10 bux for them. Then she conned the guy into giving her about 10 lbs of copper
wire for an art project she's got the kids at school working on. The bread rack
was out behind the "used bread store", aka the bread store where they sell
supposedly day old bread that really is fresh stuff. they gave it to her and she
got a neighbor to go get it with his truck. Sheesh, I guess now I'll have to
sell the old Dodge and get her another truck. Oh yeah, gardening content, I
picked a head of cabbage for supper tonight.

Think I'll go harass Miz Anne for awhile.