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Annetta Green (
Sun, 21 Jan 2001 10:16:30 -0500

This morning we had frost on the roof.  It is still in a few places now that
have not been touched by the sun.  Everything that was already frosted only
got it a little worse.  Our thermometer says that it is still 38*F outside
right now.  Course it is on a covered porch, so doesn't get as cold at night
or as hot in the daytime.
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> Oh yeah, just got back from the market, needed a few things. Shouldn't
> taken Miz Anne with me, got all kinds of junk food now. She uses the
> "I'll take it in my lunch to work." Yeah, it will all be gone by Monday
> Anyway, it's now noon and its still cold enough out that I had to break
out my
> "real" winter jacket instead of my "mild" winter jacket. Got on a long
> jersey shirt, denim painters overalls I dyed pale blue, heavy orlon/cotton
> and sneakers. If I owned any longjohns I would be wearing them. It's
supposed to
> get better about Monday but the sky is clearing, the sun is shining
> and, I'll bet a dollar to a donut that it will freeze again tonight with
> cloud cover to hold the heat in. The grass was actually crunchy this
morning at
> 0930. Please let La Nina come back.
> Gotta go, heard the chime on the convection oven sound off, my chicken pot
> (homemade, nyahh, nyahh) is done. Lunch folks!!
> George
> Annetta Green wrote:
> >
> > Wow George,
> > It sounds like the cold that is headed this way has already hit where
> > are.  Yesterday it hit 86*F here, and was a beautiful day to work
> > I helped my FIL clean out some of his walkways, as the freeze had caused
> > lot of fall over to block them.  I did not clean up to much as to leave
> > dead leaves to protect the plants from the cold that is supposed to get
> > tonight.  Temps in the low 30's are expected.  It is 65* right now, and
> > supposed to stay about there all day with the cold coming in later this
> > evening.
> >
> > At home I have done less cleaning up.  There are a lot of marginal
> > that may not make it despite being wrapped up each cold night.  The
> > are ready to go back out this afternoon to try to at least save the
> >
> > What makes it harder is the severe watering restrictions that have been
> > implemented.  We are only allowed to water two days a week from 6 to 10
> > and asked to only use one of those days.  I disconnected and capped any
> > the sprinkler heads that water the lawn and only am getting the flower
> > as they need it more.  My lawn may be a dust bowl before this is all
> > I am afraid to plant anything out there as they will not get watered as
> > needed, and have already lost some of the biennials that were put out
> > fall.  I am not sure the poppies will make it either.  They had started
> > germinate and despite the wet today, they may not get enough water to
> > survive.  The pond out back (natural) is dry as a bone, something I have
> > seen ever before.
> >
> > Even the animals are feeling it.  Bears have begun to wander into our
> > neighborhood.  One was seen walking out of the garage two doors down
> > carrying a big bag of dog food.  We found where he spent the night after
> > finishing all of it off.  Another neighbor has been confronted three
> > separate times with bears on the back porch, going after their dog food.
> > now has two holes in the porch screen, one where the bears have come in
> > one where his dog went out.  His house backs up to a huge nature area.
> > There are at least 3 different animals according to the state animal
> > control.  The tell us not to confront them, they are looking for easy
> > and water.  They are naturally lazy and will not attack healthy animals
> > we should keep the dog food inside to keep them from coming back.
> >
> > We need rain.  I am actually looking forward to hurricane season.
> > Anne in FL
> > sunset 26, zone 9b
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> >
> > > Got up about 0400 this morning so went out to get the paper while the
> > coffee was
> > > brewing. There was a heavy frost on the grass and on the roof so went
> > around
> > > back to check the garden, same thing there. Greenhouse was a cozy 40F
> > the
> > > ambient temp was 31F and, by 6:30, was 29F. Boy, do I wish La Nina
> > come
> > > back. I can stand the drought better than I can the cold. I was so
> > this
> > > morning I was whistling up stray dogs and offering them a place in the
> > with
> > > us. That blasted Sleepy Dawg had the best place, sleeping in between
> > Anne
> > > and I. She had the nerve to snore too. She generally gets up when I do
> > this
> > > morning she just stuck her head out from under the covers and then
> > back.
> > >
> > > Lots of housework to do today to catch up from the week. Have to get
> > > kitchen cleaned up and wash the clothes again. Already vacuumed
> > and
> > > would like to pick up leaves with the mower but it's still to wet out.
> > >
> > > The broccoli is heading up nicely but still no curds on the
> > The
> > > cabbage is about gone, these small heads (make a good meal for two)
> > eaten up
> > > regularly around here. Reckon if I grow Savoy Express next year I will
> > have to
> > > plant twice as much. The fennel is bulbing as are the kohlrabit but
not at
> > the
> > > pick 'em and eat 'em stage yet. Carrots are still a wee bit small to
> > > pulling. Got plenty of scallions though. Picked a bunch yesterday.
> > three or
> > > four in a spaghetti sauce I made and chopped the rest. They're
residing on
> > a
> > > cookie sheet in the freezer and will get bagged today. Miz Anne made a
> > nice
> > > salad to go with the spaghetti using lettuce, scallion, chard, fennel
> > leaves,
> > > and a small broccoli head from the garden. We all had a nice dinner
> > all of
> > > that. The sauce had low-fat smoked sausage in it versus other meats
and I
> > used
> > > the last pint of the spaghetti sauce I made last summer. Better get
> > soon,
> > > we're down to our last pint of green beans. Still got lots of jellies,
> > jams, and
> > > preserves though, and we never run out of canned carrots.
> > >
> > > Better go vote and then come back and jump on that housework. Hope all
> > have a
> > > productive day.
> > >
> > > George
> > >