Re: [gardeners] Steaming Greenhouse

carolyn taylor (
Sun, 21 Jan 2001 14:40:32 -0800

Leslie, I don't know how your greenhouse is arranged regarding connection 
to your house, but it seems a shame to waste the heat with the weather the 
way it is. I vent mine into the house and the heat and humidity are both of 
benefit. A fan placed in the door  moves a lot of air and has the benefit 
of stirring up the air around the plants as well.


At 05:16 PM 1/21/01 -0500, you wrote:
>I am new to this list and already hoping someone could give me some
>encouraging advise.
>I am a new greenhouse (lean-to) type and up until this morning have
>maintained a comfortable heating ratio in it (I have an electric
>heater). I have some flower seeds started in flats, along with some
>potted bulbs in there. I also have some other potted, flowering plants
>in there as well.
>This morning I woke to a full blast of sun after a winter storm dropped
>six inches of snow on us here in Northern New Jersey. Usually, my
>routine has been that I make a visit to my greenhouse first thing in the
>morning to check out the temp, etc. and to raise the vent if it is going
>to be sunny, etc. However, this morning, other important demands on my
>life detained my usual morning visit and it wasn't until 2pm that I was
>able to get in there. I was thoroughly disgusted to feel and see that
>the heat inside the greenhouse was well over 95 degrees. Two of my
>potted flowers were wilted beyond recognition and my two seed flats
>where 50% of the seeds were just at the beginning stages of germinating
>were literally steaming. When I lifted the one dome up the heat was
>incredible that came out of the flat. I am SO mad at myself for letting
>this disaster happen.
>Tomorrow, I will be contacting my greenhouse dealer and ordering a solar
>vent opener and possibly even a door opener if necessary. In the mean
>time, what do you think the chances of the seeds progressing to full
>germination are? Nill right? I bottom watered them with cooler water and
>said a prayer for them. My efforts were a waste right?
>A lesson learned.... :(
>On a brighter note, I am hoping to contribute to this group and learn as
>much as I can along the way too.
>Leslie Boss
>Union County, NJ
>If you need me.. I'm in my greenhouse, happy as a lark :)
>USDA Zone 6a (The Garden State)