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Martha Brown (
Sun, 21 Jan 2001 19:11:08 -0600

Thanks George,

That is about what I figured price wise.  The
model number will make the search a bit easier.


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Mine ran about 500 bux with the 8.75% sales tax
and the old one cost about the
same. If the new one lasts 19 years as the old one
did I will be most
happy. I can program the thing to thaw out some
meat and then cook it while I'm
doing something else. Most handy. The model number
is R930.

Martha Brown wrote:
> Sounds like I need to do a bit of re-designing
> the new kitchen to make sure I have a spot for a
> Sharp oven.  I really need an extra oven since
> some extended family gatherings have exceeded 50
> people for dinner.  I am planning on a wall oven
> and will probably build a spot for the Sharp
> above it.
> Martha