Re: [gardeners]stoves

Shirley,George (
Tue, 23 Jan 2001 07:26:24 -0600

I certainly applaud his fortitude in being willing to squeeze lemons in the
winter. First I have to build a new house to hold the new stove. My dream home
would have three bedrooms, three baths, and a kitchen, ie what wasn't used in
the first two types of rooms would be a large kitchen/dining/living area where
our extended family would be spread out around us but privacy could be attained
in a separate bedroom.

Tell Jimmie that I will send him some of these giant lemons when he's ready to
start. We squeezed about two gallons of juice already this winter and there's
still a dozen lemons on the tree.

George, off to take the new computer to be analyzed

penny x stamm wrote:
> George, Jimmie is working on a plan to get you that $1800
> stainless steel beauty you so admire...  He was thinking of a
> lemonade stand, but I talked him out of it, because of the
> lack of customers in the wintertime....
> Penny, NY
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