Re: [gardeners] gyros

penny x stamm (
Fri, 26 Jan 2001 12:19:00 -0500

Dear George, right to the point, aren't we...?  <lol>

No, nothing got frostbitten. AMOF, Jim gets so overheated while
he shovels that he has to strip in the kitchen and make a b-line for 
the shower, after each glorious episode.  He does say that snow
requiring removal is the finest gift Heaven can send to him ...

A few years back, we were visiting a computer friend in Philadelphia
just as a massive snow storm arrived. Having to park in the streets
at night, Jimmie wanted to shovel around the car, so he could 
wrestle it free the following morning. Our hostess was adament --
NO.! He was not allowed to shovel.  Would be bad for his heart. 
She should see what he's doing right now -- the neighbors stop,
strangers even stop, and certainly this week even roving snow
jeeps stop to recommend that he stop.  No way, Jose' -- 

Of course, just as soon as he gets inside the door, he sits down 
at the kitchen table and takes his blood pressure. The man is
blessed, of course -- his normal is 120/60, with a pulse of 60. 
Right after shovelling, it reads 120/60 with a pulse of 79. Perfect
cholesterol.  He may live to be 100, if we don't run out of food.

Penny, NY

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