Re: [gardeners] gyros

Shirley,George (
Fri, 26 Jan 2001 07:11:38 -0600

But did anything get frostbitten? Curious minds are enquiring. LOL


penny x stamm wrote:
> Hi, Kari -- you like your food spicy in the wilds of Oregon?
> My poor hubby tonite balked at the bar-b-q sauce I had put
> on the broiled chicken... "Is this sauce hot?" "No, it's not
> marked hot." "But  it tastes hot!" "But it's not marked hot,
> I told you." "It burns!"  "Oh, come on, it does not -- ".......
> and so it went.
> I ate his.
> We definitely keep hummus in the house all the time, but
> that's for the 4:30 o'clock snack, along with the dauqueri.
> Dinner is ALWAYS a major affair, summer or winter. Jimmie
> eats like a lumberjack. That's undoubtedly how he can shovel our
> 130 ft driveway after each snowstorm -- using a plain old snow
> shovel, in spite of the incredible fact that he turned 79-y-o
> yesterday!
> I came back home on Monday and there was Old Jim working
> away clearing a path for the car -- and as he shovelled, big, blue
> mackinaw zipped tight about him, I noticed something rather
> bizarre . .  .  Right out there in front of God and everybody, his
> undershorts slid down off his body, taking his pants with them.
> He's certainly not getting fat . . . .
> Penny, NY
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