Re: [gardeners] Swiss Chard

Shirley,George (
Wed, 31 Jan 2001 16:44:00 -0600

I like it lightly steamed to where it still has some crunch. You can add
flavorings if you like but I prefer the unadorned chard, it has a nice flavor.
Like most greens it will clump when cooked but the bright lights will still show
some bright colors.

George, who prefers Ruby or Rhubarb chard for the purples and reds

Diane Roeder wrote:
> Please advise me about how to cook Swiss Chard.  I bought some of the Bright
> Lights variety, and would like to present it in the best light, shall we
> say.  Nothing complicated please, just basic stuff.  Thanks.
> Diane
> Northampton MA