Re: [gardeners] Mediterranean yogurt

penny x stamm (
Sat, 3 Feb 2001 00:54:51 -0500

Mary-Anne, Mary-Anne -- aren't you the person who loved the
yogurt served on Cyprus...? 

I was shopping at my local Armenian-Turkish grocery store for
some Greek extras for my hubby's birthday party, when I asked 
for some yogurt. The young lady said, "Thick or thin?"  I just
about screamed, and answered, "Do you REALLY mean thick? 
That the spoon can stand up in by itself? The same kind they
serve on Cyprus and in Addis Ababa...???" And she said, "Sure!
It's so good that you can serve it for dessert with some honey
poured on top!  Even our regular yogurt is thicker than what you
get in the American grocery store...."  So I bought it all!  Plus some
domades, and tebouli, and Greek olives -- the gyro meat I had
at home, in a big 3 lb slab for roasting. And two kinds of Greek beer.
And marvelous home-made pita bread..

Well, you will have to go track this down, for it is indeed the
Mediteranean yogurt, and too good to be true:

It is called Lebni when it is that thick. Byblos Brand, Kradjian 
Importing Company, Glendale, California 91204.  Made of Kafir

It is called yogurt when it is regular stock, but she was right, it still
is thicker than our plain old domestic stuff. And yes, this one is
fortified with a culture.  

Penny, NY

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