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Shirley,George (
Sat, 03 Feb 2001 08:22:24 -0600

Middle Eastern, usually Lebanese yoghurt, thick and creamy, is also called lebne
and is a live culture. Very tasty and you might find it in Arab food stores as
it is a staple in many dishes.


penny x stamm wrote:
> Mary-Anne, Mary-Anne -- aren't you the person who loved the
> yogurt served on Cyprus...?
> I was shopping at my local Armenian-Turkish grocery store for
> some Greek extras for my hubby's birthday party, when I asked
> for some yogurt. The young lady said, "Thick or thin?"  I just
> about screamed, and answered, "Do you REALLY mean thick?
> That the spoon can stand up in by itself? The same kind they
> serve on Cyprus and in Addis Ababa...???" And she said, "Sure!
> It's so good that you can serve it for dessert with some honey
> poured on top!  Even our regular yogurt is thicker than what you
> get in the American grocery store...."  So I bought it all!  Plus some
> domades, and tebouli, and Greek olives -- the gyro meat I had
> at home, in a big 3 lb slab for roasting. And two kinds of Greek beer.
> And marvelous home-made pita bread..
> Well, you will have to go track this down, for it is indeed the
> Mediteranean yogurt, and too good to be true:
> It is called Lebni when it is that thick. Byblos Brand, Kradjian
> Importing Company, Glendale, California 91204.  Made of Kafir
> cheese.
> It is called yogurt when it is regular stock, but she was right, it still
> is thicker than our plain old domestic stuff. And yes, this one is
> fortified with a culture.
> Penny, NY
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