Re: [gardeners] Mediterranean yogurt

Shirley,George (
Sun, 04 Feb 2001 09:28:47 -0600

It didn't say made with live cultures? Last I bought at a Lebanese deli in
Lafayette had that statement on the side. When I bought it in the Middle East
the container always said live culture. Guess I just assumed the Greeks used a
live culture too. I've settled on a live culture yoghurt (American Style) from
our local supermarket that I like. It's fat free and no sugar added so I eat it
for desert most days. It's flavor is Pina Colada and I like it. Used to buy it
in the little containers and decided it was a better deal in the quart
containers, thus forcing me to eat more of it. I keep the plain stuff around to
cook with and for my Middle Eastern dishes I just drain it some to thicken. Not
the same but easier than a 150 mile round trip to buy lebne.

George, shivering on a cold Sunday morning

penny x stamm wrote:
> George, my container of Lebni does not say that it is fortified with
> cultures. Wish it did.
> I definitely do not enjoy honey. Had to try what the young Armenian
> lady suggested though, so I took a spoonful of lebni, the very thick
> yogurt, and dropped some honey on top.  ....Not bad, not bad......
> Tomorrow I shall try some raspbery syrup....
> We only have honey in the house because Jimmie likes it dribbled
> on rye bread toast with his bacon and egg and apple pie and
> donut and orange juice and coffee,  in the morning. You notice, I
> only said 'egg' ...  he's very careful not to overeat.  Oh yes, and he
> ends the meal officially with a swig of Diet Cola from the fridge.
> He is now down to 6 feet tall, and weighs in at 179 lbs.  He wanted
> to ride his bicycle up to the audiologist yesterday when his hearing
> aid stopped working, but decided that the streets were too icey.
> It's 8 miles away, and across 3 boulevards.  I dropped to my knees
> and said Thank You when he finally took the car.
> Listen, he's only 79.  Martha Stewart's mother is 87, and they just
> gave her a brand new Volvo.  That's something to aspire to  . . .
> Penny, NY
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