Re: [gardeners] Mediterranean yogurt... and now Homemade American Yogurt

Diane Roeder (
Mon, 5 Feb 2001 19:05:04 -0500

Hello from Massachusetts where it's a virtual white-out.

Regarding making your own yogurt, here's the method in general terms.  You
need milk: soy, whole, 2%, skim, whatever.  You need the bacteria that will
culture the milk; if you lilke to spend money you can buy bacteria on
various places on the internet, or that company whose name I can't remember
right now that is run by the Amish.  Otherwise you can just buy some yogurt
and use a little of it to get the culture going.  I used Sunnyfield Farms
organic plain yogurt from whole milk to get mine going.  You need some
nonfat dry milk, I assume to add a little more body.  You need a place to
keep the mixture warm while the bacteria are doing their thing.  An oven
with a pilot light, a cooler with a shop light clamped to it, etc.  It takes
a minimum of six hours to culture yogurt;; you can let the process go
longer.  The last time I let it go 24 hours, and it is still just a little
on the thin side.  Save about one half cup from this batch to use for
culturing your next batch.  A little like sourdough bread.

I tried it the first time just using my electric oven, intermittently
turning the dial to warm and then to off for several hours.  The results
were delicious, but I resolved to locate a yogurt maker.  A few days later I
took some clothes to the Salvation Army, and there on the shelf was a Salton
Yogurt Maker for $3.99!

If anyone is interested in pursuing this I can provide more specific info on
amounts of the ingredients as well as one or two links.