[gardeners] food

Shantihhh@aol.com (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 6 Feb 2001 00:27:14 EST

<<  barberries, dried of
course, to make into a wonderful Persian rice dish with chicken, almonds
and pistachios. >>

Abali--I'll look for it, and these barberries.  I must have this recipe.  Is 
it in the Mediterranean cookbook you mentioned?  My mom has ordered and I 
have as well.

Jack (on Tomato Fanatics) was telling me his mother and he make their own 

<<My mom makes excellent yogurt. After lots of searching she found that if she
starts with Pavel's Yogurt culture and uses Trader Joe's organic whole milk, 
gets excellent yogurt. Of course, once you start a culture you don't have to 
buying Pavel's yogurt. Just save some of the last yogurt batch to make the new
one. And the Labni derived from this yogurt is the best I've ever tasted.>>

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