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penny x stamm (
Tue, 6 Feb 2001 01:33:55 -0500

Also Good Morning, Ron --

We made a two week tour of the Greek and Turkish islands on our 
50th wedding anniversary in 1993, but I never was served the thick
and extraordinary Lebni yogurt during that trip....  I had first
discovered it literally in Addis Ababa in 1978, on my way into 
China behind the bamboo curtain via an Ethiopian visa and airlines. 
The food they served us was so extraordinarily hot that we were
supposed to calm our palates down with this heavenly yogurt, but
it didn't work -- we just couldn't eat!

I requested it again 3 weeks later, on our way home thru Addis, 
and have never laid eyes on it since!  Funny thing is that I've been
shopping in our local Armenian-Turkish food emporium for at 
least 10 years, and just had never before bought one of their
yogurts!  Lucky for me that I now have.....  

Would you share with us the recipe for the Persian chicken dish?
Do they sometimes use cranberries in their meat dishes?  Or 
could it be pomegranates? I'll look for the lebni balls in olive oil.
Did the dried barberries come from the Middle Eastern market? 
Have you asked them if they can get you the gyro meat in 10 lb
bars...? Don't accept the pre-sliced pieces; the meat mix is
different.  I'll investigate the mulberry syrup. Tonite I tried a
raspberry syrup, but was not convinced...

Want some snow? I could Fed Ex it to you ------

Penny, NY

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