Re: [gardeners] Mediterranean yogurt... and now Homemade

penny x stamm (
Tue, 6 Feb 2001 02:51:18 -0500

It's a white-out here as well, though not as deep as yours, Diane.
Heavy snow lies on the shrubbery, which always makes me nervous. 
Fortunately certain things have been wrapped with almost invisible
bird netting, to gives their branches support -- upright yews (which tend
to collapse under the weight of snow); my 4ft tall umbrella tree; and
my sets of hinoki cyprus (which always bow down). 

I have just returned from a run out into the street at 2:30am in response
to a terrible metalic commotion on the corner. The whole world is asleep
(except myself), and there is a nitwit in a big garbage truck with a snow
plow on the front who is trying to clear away the snow going around the
corner!  He backs up and charges the snow bank, then takes a new tack 
and charges again!  So far, 8 charges... and the noise is horrendous!  
The fact that there is no snow at all in the streets means that this guy
simply making overtime without cause.  I'll have to tackle the department

in the morning -- someone has to do it! 

Penny, NY

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