Re: [gardeners] Barberry Rice....among other things:)

penny x stamm (
Thu, 8 Feb 2001 00:14:48 -0500

Ron, we're having an eager eater for dinner on Thursday nite, so
I have decided on the whole Suki Yaki ritual..  I'm tempted to fix
zabaglione for dessert. 

However, I stopped off to buy some Nova Scotia salmon at the
local smoke house, and was overwhelmed with the variety of
products they now carry -- fresh fish, rabbit, squabs, fresh 
ducks -- and I came away with a duck, and a determination to fix
Peking Duck for two this weekend!  

I really must be crazy.

Unfortunately, while I was inside buying the suki yaki supplies,
someone sideswiped my car to the tune of a $700.00 repair. ...
Penny, NY



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