Re: [gardeners] Saturday in the garden

Chuck Hall (
Sun, 11 Feb 2001 05:35:09 -0800

Hi George,

    It is always a spiritual lift to listen in to this group.  I normally
just "lurk 'n' learn" from the experienced gardeners and cooks here.  Your
comments about spring coming to your area is heartwarming.  I have been
listening in here for a long time, but I can't remember where you are

    Here in sunny Iowa, we have our original 18" to 2 feet of snow that came
in early Dec. plus regular additions that seem to come quite often.  Our
perennials are securely insulated and should come through the winter in
great shape.  The deer in this part of the state are being stressed to the
max and our shrubs are paying the price.  We have a resident w.t. deer pop.
of from 25 to 150 depending on the hunting seasons and the weather.  We have
resorted to a baited electric fence around our entire yard so that our
flower and veg. gardens can survive.  The single electrified wire is placed
30" above the ground and has kept the deer at bay for over 4 years now.  But
this year the snow is over the fence in several places.  The snow also
insulates the deer from grounding themselves, so they have the run of the
place.  Our 15 year old white cedar shrub row is now transparent as high as
the deer can reach and our spruce tree line has a poodle cut.

    Your comments about Sleepy's fondness for carrots reminds me of my
cockers, Sammy and Boomer.  They sit outside our garden fence when we are
working there and beg for green beans.

    Sorry to hear about Miz Anne's ankle.  Hope she gets better soon.

Chuck Hall
Shivering in Iowa (-8 today) and envious of your 'nasty head of cauliflower'