Re: [gardeners] Saturday in the garden

penny x stamm (
Sun, 11 Feb 2001 23:00:52 -0500

Hi, Chuck--- come on in, the water's fine...! 

Never knew the meaning of the "warming effect of the Gulf Stream"
so much as this winter.  We've held steady at 40* to 50* for several
weeks -- and the silly thing is that even with that warmth, when it
it sticks. Cannot figure that one out...  Just to run outside to sweep
light snow from the front walk requires no sweater on my part. I
think 45* is DELICIOUS..!  I guess you would too, at this point.

The animal kingdom is making it Hell for the small gardener everywhere.
My boss has a tiny rustic house set into a hillside in the woods, about
an hour north of any suburbs here in Westchester County, NY. The house
itself is incredible -- living room, kitchen, bedroom and bath on one
a balcony above for the office.  The lady has an outrageously magic touch
with both decorating and landscaping, so everything looks like one --
and out. She has bulbs, annuals and certain shrubs naturalized throughout
her 3 acres of grounds on this hill, and to visit her place is to spend
time in heaven......   

Summer 2000 wiped the whole thing out. Never mind the deer problem --
muskrats or raccoons or something tunneled under her entire property,
so that not only have all the plants been destroyed, but one's ability to
walk and work there has become imperiled.  There is actually nothing left
of her garden.

She has a fence, but I am not sure if it is electrified.  Even if she
keep out the deer, nothing will stop those tunnel-diggers. She claims
the racoons ice skate on her little pond, but I am not sure that she
been driven to hallucination . .

So my message to you is to hold tight until spring -- you are in good
company. And before long some scientist will come up with a way for
humans to regain control of their destinies. 

Penny, NY

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