Re: [gardeners] Saturday in the garden

David G. Smith (
Mon, 12 Feb 2001 05:42:37 -0500

Here in zone 6b, Celerodendrum ugandense doesn't stand a chance in the
ground over the winter.  I've found them easy to root, though.  Last year I
had plants I rooted in the ground, and the original I bought in a pot
outside.  Those in the ground did so much better, I think I may get rid of
the one in the pot and just take cuttings from year to year.

Spring's on the way.  We've got crocuses blooming, right against the south
side of the house, and garlic coming up in the garden.


> All of the daylilies are coming back.  Some ready to bloom before the
> even make a showing!  Their bed got cleaned out and watered well with a
> portable soaker hose, so that I could work farther down the bed.  My
> tropicals may not have all made it.  The Clerodendrums, Ugandense and
> Thompsonaie both seem to be making an attempt to grow back from the roots.
> The Breynia, however, is brown and crispy all the way down to the roots.
> cut them back to ground level and still found no green.  I may leave them
> for a while longer to see if they have something going down deep.  The
> in this bed were not to bad, so I cleaned up the canna debrid.  Pulling up
> the old foliage pulled up a few roots, so the bed was partially thinned.
> Anne in FL
> zone 9b, sunset 26