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Last year I just put slips in water, this year I used perlite and rootone --
they did about the same both times.  After a while the stems are covered
with small white nodes, which I guess are the beginnings of roots.  They
don't seem to grow actual roots until they're in soil, though, and about
half of them just rot.  I put them in four inch pots last weekend.  Last
summer I put them in full sun, pretty close to it, anyway.  They were 3 - 4
feet tall by the end of the summer and bloomed until frost.  They made sort
of a leggy plant, I think it might look best to plant a lot together or cut
them back to encourage branching.

We've just got the crocuses right by the house.  Last night we had sleet.


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> David, my clerodendron in the kitchen window looked pale and
> sickly no matter how much or little water or fertilizer I gave it --
> this seems to happen every winter!  Therefore I have just cut it all
> the way back to within 2 inches of earth, and I believe that it will
> start afresh.  I start multitudes of plants from slips every year,
> but it had never occurred to me to try it with the clerodendron!
> And what's more, I had never ever put it outside, in 15 years of
> growing them!  Next summer . . . .
> Full sun, right?
> You've got crocuses growing?  We've got snow.
> Penny, NY zone 6
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