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Alan Zelhart (
Tue, 13 Feb 2001 07:40:14 -0700


Chip is my last dog.  I tried getting another pet, a companion for Chip,
but he wouldn't have anything to do with it.  He was biting the dog and
drawing blood.  He was very jealous.  So I had to give my child hood
dream of a Collie up.  I gave the Collie to a lady who lives on a ranch
with lots of grandchildren and cattle to heard.  He's much happier

Chip was my baby, I couldn't give him up.  I tried for three months to
work with them, and stop the jealousy.  His name was Oreo.  But Chip was
having no part of it.  When I took Oreo to the ranch, I cried literaly,
all the way back home.  I wanted to be angry with Chip but I couldn't
blame him.  He just wanted me to himself, and didn't want to share me
with no one.  Oreo would try to get Chip to play with him, and Chip
would bite him instead.  I would try to get down on the floor and play
with both of them, and Chip would go to the back bedroom and pout.  It
was horrible!  I didn't realize dogs could be that way.

I had always, my entire life, wanted a collie... I was so bummed.

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penny x stamm wrote:

> Alan, I'm surprised that you haven't found another companion for
> your own dear dog -- single pets are much like single children,
> or what we used to call putting all our eggs in one basket....
> My own daughter had to give up her beloved dog this past weekend,
> and she is inconsolable. We couldn't convince her to get another
> wonderful puppy last year . .
> Penny, NY
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