Re: [gardeners] Saturday in a FL garden

George Shirley (
Sat, 17 Feb 2001 16:10:17 -0600

You have been busy. This morning I harvested all the cauliflower and broccoli
that was ready, washed, blanched, froze and then vacuum sealed it and back into
the freezer. In addition I cut a 5 lb block of sharp cheddar into half pound
blocks and vac sealed each block separately. They now reside in the refrigerator
where they will last without molding until we need to eat them.

Washed about six loads of clothes, if we ever retire that should drop down to
about 2 loads a week, no work clothing to wash then. Miz Anne vacuumed the
family room and dining room and I will do the rest of the house tomorrow. She
also dusted the family room, a chore I detest. It's easier now with the new
"swisher" clothes. We don't have the dust mop for them but use them as dust
clothes and then toss them.

The garden looks good with those huge cauliflower plants gone. The broccoli may
or may not bear more florets. If not they will go into the compost heap with the
cauliflower plants and the last cabbage head, which never filled out and turned
yellow. The carrots are growing apace as is the chard (some will get blanched
and frozen tomorrow) and the fennel.

I look around our domain and see the mayhaw, pluot, aprium, plum, and peach
trees blooming and I have hopes of a fruit crop in 2001. We certainly had more
than enough hours below 45F this winter.

Like Anne, I will be hoping to hear of others gardening exploits when the August
heat and humidity hits and we don't go out until after dark.

Life is good.


> Annetta Green wrote:
> Well I had another wonderful Saturday.  My Logee's Nursery catalog came on
> Thurs.  I made a list of what I wanted for my garden and ended up with over
> $250 worth of wants.  That is way to much for my budget so off I went to Home
> Depot this AM.  I would still be out in the yard but it is sprinkling and it
> was getting a little muddy in the newly composted beds and pots.  Anyway I got
> enough to satisfy me and not break the bank.  The order is now down to about
> $30.
> In the front yard I put in two Lorepetalum "Burgandy"  These Razzleberry
> bushes are in bloom and will be beautiful once they grow together and fill in
> around the Norfolk pine that is out there.  The bushes were put in about 3ft
> from either side of the pine which is now about 8 ft tall.  There was a lot of
> grass to dig out to put these babies in, but I got it done and will expand the
> bed as time allows.  The plants were originally bought to put in along side
> the garage where no one but my neighbor or someone putting out the garbage
> cans would see them.  I put them there and walked back to plant them.  It was
> not a tough decision to get them out front.  Now I have to put something else
> back there.  Maybe make a semi-secret garden.
> Still to be planted are my shade plants.  Right now my wheelbarrow is holding
> three calla lily, three white and three red begonia, some red impatiens and a
> few Calibrachoa or Trailing Pink Million Bells.  These are all to fill in the
> pots and/or pool bed that gets full morning sun, but is shaded from about
> 12PM  on.  I find that things that can survive in partial shade do better with
> a little afternoon shade.  I can't wait to get back out there.  Hopefully, it
> will be tomorrow.  Since DH and son have gone camping on Cumberland Island in
> GA, I have another day to garden!  Course that means that my two younger kids
> will get to pick where we eat dinner.  Gourmet it won't be.
> I can't wait to  hear about the rest of you gardening once it gets to hot for
> me to go outside and work.
> Anne in FL
> zone 9b, sunset 26