[gardeners] Saturday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 17 Feb 2001 20:21:05 -0600

I picked and put up all the cauliflower this morning and also did the broccoli.
May get one more picking of broccoli but I doubt it. 35F this morning and 75F
yesterday at noon. Supposed to be 33F tomorrow morning and it probably will
happen as the sky is very clear tonight.

Miz Anne actually got out and weeded the main garden and a couple of her flower
beds today. The swelling has mainly gone down in her sprained ankle and foot but
it sure is a pretty blue color. Looks like she's got a blue sock on. She
thoroughly enjoyed the couple of hours we spent out there this afternoon as did
Sleepy and I.

Tomorrow we're gonna go pick up some potting mix and a couple of different kinds
of fertilizer, and I will, belatedly, start my seeds. Still waiting on an order
from Pinetree and Burpee's that was ordered on 02/01/01. Usually I get them much
quicker. Normally I'm ready to plant by March 1 each year but this has been a
colder than normal winter for us so wasn't in a hurry.

The garden soil is rich and loamy and has a wonderful smell to it. We won't till
the main garden this spring,just knock down the rows and row them up again in a
different pattern. then the newspaper mulch covered with compost will go down.
On the side garden we will put down compost and composted horse manure and it
will get tilled in. That soil still needs lots of amending.

It was cool out there today with bright sunshine, one of those perfect early
spring days that make you glad to be alive. the fruit trees, brambles, and
blueberries are all abloom and the gardens just glow with spring. Hopefully
tomorrow will bring more of the same and we will be out enjoying as much of it
as we can stand.

Life is good.