[gardeners] Re: Sunday in the garden

bsk (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 20 Feb 2001 02:18:28 -0600

   The main difference from you and Okie country is that where you have 96% humidity
after July our humidity starts to really drop because it's our dry season here and we
are not normally in the gulf stream like some parts of Texas, Ark. La. and Mississippi.
       With generally clear skies, bright sun, no rain, and sometimes a wind we are very
much desert like. You can water all you want to and the foliage is still dehydrated like
a oven hit it. We are closer to Oklahoma City and from about where we are east of the
city and then going west is a real dry line. Just east of Shawnee maybe a hour starting
about Henryetta they start to get more moisture than we do. Then on the other side of
Oklahoma City going west the annual rainfall drops so much that the grass production
without irrigation is less and you can't grow as many cattle like we can here just 30
minutes east of OKC.
    It is funny how we happened to hit on this in-between spot. I think husbands
ancestors had some things figured out from the looks of things.


George Shirley wrote:

> I'm sorta in the same mode here in SW Louisiana, 100 plus temps in the summer
> plus 96 percent humidity. Think that the 5 or 6 hours they will get in the front
> yard would be about right. Thanks.