Re: [gardeners] Soap to kill mites

Craig Watts (
Wed, 21 Feb 2001 18:17:31 -0500

Thank you for your help. I mistakenly though I had mites and they are flies

Did you prune your plant when they're trying 
to cope with an insect invasion? Margaret L

>BTW | awesome, cut back to green wood and they are jammin, (sans the flies
>as they deplete the leaves)

Translation: Plants are doing awesome, I cut back to green wood because
many leaves were lost due to tramatic transplantation. Some of the "pepper
plants" are 4-5 feet tall. Very tramatic to transplant. Lost about 1/2
their leaves. They are doing well sans (without) the flies. The flies seem
to be biting the leave and a sap looking substance is ozzing out of the
leave they are attacking it. Soon the leave dies.