Re: [gardeners] Question about pressure treated wood

George Shirley (
Thu, 22 Feb 2001 10:10:52 -0600

I know that we try to avoid wood on the ground around here due to the presence
of Formosan termites. They are even eating up the older trees. That's the main
reason I went to cinder blocks, haven't found anything that will eat them yet. I
do have some CCA treated beds but they are being replaced as they age. In
addition I have some salvaged redwood 4X4's that are still holding up after 10
years on the ground with no signs of rot or termites. They too will be replaced
as I salvage more concrete test cores 6"X18".


"Carol J. Bova" wrote:
> Any danger of encouraging subterranean termites in warmer regions using
> lumber to make raised beds?  I have several 10 ft pieces of painted 4 x 4's
> apparently left over from building the carport. I was thinking of using
> them to make raised beds, and the nearest garden beds will be about 10 ft
> from my husband's studio... which has a lot of wood components.
>          Carol
>          In sunny again for the moment Sunland, CA
> ><snp>In the meantime - last year, I decided to do a test, using one bed of CCA
> >lumber, one of untreated lumber, and one of untreated-but-painted lumber.
> >So far, they're all holding up.
> >
> >Harry