Re: [gardeners] Question about pressure treated wood

Alan Zelhart (
Thu, 22 Feb 2001 09:36:48 -0700


What are cement test cores?  Where do you get them at?

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George Shirley wrote:

> I know that we try to avoid wood on the ground around here due to the presence
> of Formosan termites. They are even eating up the older trees. That's the main
> reason I went to cinder blocks, haven't found anything that will eat them yet. I
> do have some CCA treated beds but they are being replaced as they age. In
> addition I have some salvaged redwood 4X4's that are still holding up after 10
> years on the ground with no signs of rot or termites. They too will be replaced
> as I salvage more concrete test cores 6"X18".
> George
> "Carol J. Bova" wrote:
> >
> > Any danger of encouraging subterranean termites in warmer regions using
> > lumber to make raised beds?  I have several 10 ft pieces of painted 4 x 4's
> > apparently left over from building the carport. I was thinking of using
> > them to make raised beds, and the nearest garden beds will be about 10 ft
> > from my husband's studio... which has a lot of wood components.
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> > ><snp>In the meantime - last year, I decided to do a test, using one bed of CCA
> > >lumber, one of untreated lumber, and one of untreated-but-painted lumber.
> > >So far, they're all holding up.
> > >
> > >Harry