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Hi Margaret,

I like to wear Kavu canvas hats.  They are a ball cap type hat with an extra
large bill that pretty much shades my whole face.  The medium size is
shallow enough that it doesn't cover the tips of my ears, like most men's
caps do, and it has a strap and buckle set up to adjust the snuggness on
ones head with a simple pull.  You can find them at REI or other outdoor
clothing stores.  There are two kinds, I like the 100% cotton canvas and
they also make some out of a silky parachute type cloth.  The canvas hats
come in few color choices (khaki, olive, blue and brown) and the later come
in many bright colors and look like they are more for looks than durability.
Kavu's are a little spendy for a cap (about $18.00 for the canvas type, as I
recall) but wear like iron, they are washable, and you can soak them in
water for evaporative cooling in hot weather.  I just remembered that you
can also get a little attachment for them that protects the back of your
neck, like a French Foreign Legion hat.


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I have yet to form an affinity for a garden hat. I have nearly every kind
there is except what I want. I want a hat with a removable, washable lining
or at least sweatband.  I want one that will not slide off or blow off, but
will shade my face. I also want to see. Kay Lancaster made me a great
bonnet, but DH speaks 6 inches from me and I jump a mile because I didn't
see him.  Kay told me to mark where my eyes are and send it back so she can
revise...maybe I ought to do that.  But what kind of hats do y'all wear? I
do wear sunblock and try not to garden between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., but when
a lot must be done at a certain time, I slip into the perilous
hours.  Margaret L