RE: [gardeners] Garden hats

Margaret Lauterbach (
Sat, 24 Feb 2001 08:03:48 -0700

Hi, Terry.  Good to hear from you again.  Don't you have to have a 
membership to shop at REI?  We don't. I've heard of other people who use 
that kind of cap too.  I've had some pre-cancerous bizzards removed from my 
face, so I'm more careful now than I used to be.  Hope all is well with you 
and your family. Do you have indoor plumbing in place now?  Best, Margaret L

At 10:18 AM 2/23/01 -0800, you wrote:
>Hi Margaret,
>I like to wear Kavu canvas hats.  They are a ball cap type hat with an extra
>large bill that pretty much shades my whole face.  The medium size is
>shallow enough that it doesn't cover the tips of my ears, like most men's
>caps do, and it has a strap and buckle set up to adjust the snuggness on
>ones head with a simple pull.  You can find them at REI or other outdoor
>clothing stores.  There are two kinds, I like the 100% cotton canvas and
>they also make some out of a silky parachute type cloth.  The canvas hats
>come in few color choices (khaki, olive, blue and brown) and the later come
>in many bright colors and look like they are more for looks than durability.
>Kavu's are a little spendy for a cap (about $18.00 for the canvas type, as I
>recall) but wear like iron, they are washable, and you can soak them in
>water for evaporative cooling in hot weather.  I just remembered that you
>can also get a little attachment for them that protects the back of your
>neck, like a French Foreign Legion hat.