Re: [gardeners] Garden hats

penny x stamm (
Sat, 24 Feb 2001 23:53:13 -0500

Hi, Margaret -- almost forgot to answer you!  

I have to shade my face at all times in the summertime, and for
several years I've been wearing something like what Terry just
described -- a canvas "hat" which sorta covers my hair, with a
fairly large duck bill in front.  I also was given one with a double
width bill, source unknown. 

And I have one more:   while in Japan, my daughter saw farm
women wearing a half a straw hat with a built in bandana. She 
immediately found someone to direct her to a country supply
store where she had to use mostly hand language to describe 
what she wanted...  She did get it, and bring it home, and it is
VERY effective in keeping out the sun. Only problem is that it
restricts the turning of the head -- in other words, the width of
vision -- and I find it a bit hot on a 90* day...  The straw brim is 
brought forward around the cheeks by the bandana.

Upon occasion I will also use an old-fashioned telegrapher's
or gambler's cap with a green visor.  That's my favorite because it
is see-thru. 

Penny, NY

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