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Ron Hay (
Wed, 28 Feb 2001 07:33:54 -0800

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Hello, Penny,

It seems like there is nasty, unsettled weather all over the country. We
are still in the same storm that started on Saturday, with the
possibility of another coming in tomorrow night, an inside slider from
Nevada, and yet another one on Sunday/Monday.

The irony of it all is that Northern California only has, as of today,
only about 60% of its normal snowpack, since December and January gave
us very little rain. In addition, the reservoirs are being drawn down
early, in order to generate desparately-needed hydroelectric power.
Consequently, this year we may also have to practice draconian
conservation measures, as many of us are already doing with respect to
gas and electricity.

At least this month's gas bill was within the "level pay plan"
parameters, and not double, as it was last month. I guess knocking the
temp down 2 degrees on weeknights, 4 degrees in the morning, and keeping
the temp to 65 during the day on weekends, when we are home, has really

I do hope your lovely garden appreciates your great and kind efforts on
its behalf. It would be a great pity if any of your lovely specimen
plantings were to incur damage from the rough weather. Here's hoping
everything will survive in grand style....and you and Jimmy, too!


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