[gardeners] rain rain rain

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Mon, 26 Feb 2001 21:59:13 EST

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<< The rain started a day earlier than projected in L.A. Last night, the
rain was projected to move in on Sunday and be a regular gullywasher.
Now, mind you, we don't get those horrendous gulf hurricanes, but a rain
of  that magnitude is pretty significant for L.A., and Southern
California in general, often spawning mudslides, where the hillsides
have been denuded by brush fires, or when the ground is supersaturated,
as it is right now. Here's hoping it's not too severe. Rain we need;
disasters we've had aplenty! >>


We've had 9" of rain in February and our normal season is 19", of course 
we've been running more than double that for a couple of years or so.  First 
El Nina, now El Nino.  Several more storm fronts moving in on Wednesday and 
later in the week.  Saw the beautiful sun today, but everything is real 
soggy, sure hope my onions don't rot.

San Francisco Bay Area
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