Re: Fwd: [gardeners] Thhe attacment is my signature file, nothing

Wendy Arons (
Wed, 28 Feb 2001 15:17:28 -0500

Just to weigh in on this--I have a brand new computer w/plenty of 
hard drive space.  But I hate these vcards--every time I get a 
message from someone who sends them, my computer throws it in my 
attachments folder, and when I go to find an attachment I actually 
need to open, I have to wade through the "junk" (that's not to say 
that your business card is "junk," but given that I don't really need 
it, it's "junk" to me...).  It wouldn't be such a problem if my 
computer recognized that I already had a version of someone's 
business card, but it doesn't, so I end up with the virtual 
equivalent of a drawerful of the same business card. Which I then 
have to take the time to "clean out".   And, as Alan says, I'm 
nervous about them because they might be viruses--I have virus 
software, but it takes time & energy to update it regularly, and I 
don't always remember.

So, Ron, thanks for taking it off.  I'm not quite sure how vcards are 
a useful business tool, but then again I'm not in business...

Someone mentioned that you can configure Eudora to automatically 
delete such things using filters--can you walk us through that?


Wendy in Indiana

>Another solution for you might be to join bckyrdgrdnrs on yahoogroups.  They
>are user friendly and accept vcards, and pictures.  The other thing I forgot
>to bring up is, some people don't like attachments such as vcards, not
>because it's a business card, but because the attachment could be a virus
>instead of a vcard.  Once again, this may be a cost constraint and the
>cannot afford virus software.  Some of the older lists even strip
>attachments such as Vcards from any mail being sent.
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>Ron Hay wrote:
>>  Dear Margaret,
>>  I was not aware that such things as provided by Netscape for use by the
>>  business community were so unfriendly.
>>  I took it off, as you can plainly see.
>>  I had no idea they would hog space, since I get a great many sigs at the
>>  end of email from people, including my wife, which do not affect
>>  anyone's hard drive.
>>  How does it affect yours? I am puzzled....and chastened.
>>  Ron