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I agree with all said. I was hoping to get feed back from the gardeners to
see if it's common within this "room". I did not say anyone was harvesting
e-mail addresses. The worm lives in someone's computer and spawns itself. I
trying to narrow down who it could be. It's very common after comunications
from the group. But then again you have got you end protected.

I myself <belong> to 3-4 newsgroups.

Craig Watts  

I haven't had any complaints from gardeners as yet about people receiving this
worm, the Hybris worm. I'm prone to believe that probably we both have
correspondents who aren't savvy enough to realize they have this worm and it is
propagating itself.

It may well be someone on Gardeners and it would be wise for all members to
check their "out" box and see if sexyfun@hahaha has been sending messages from
your computer. If so you are infected and need to run antiviral software to
clean it up. Anyone else getting this thing?


PS - if you put the s or uns word in your message the system automatically
bounces your message to me that's the reason it is forwarded now. The forbidden
word was changed to <belong>.<VBG>