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Mon, 12 Mar 2001 20:23:18 EST

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 There is Kaempferia Galangal that is like long fingers.  It is in the ginger 
family!  It is used in curries, etc.  The Thai written language when 
phonetically spelled often has several variations.  Such as prik kee nue or 
Phrik keu nu which are both Thai chiles.

Cork Wood Tree (genus Phellodendron-Rutaceae) The female tree has flowers 
which turn into clusters of black fruit.  Is this what is pictured?  It grows 
in Asia, but I am not sure if it is growing in Thailand.

Ivy Gourd-does this resemble a bumpy green veggie like bitter melon?  There 
also is a gourd/luffa they use in soups. that is smooth skinned and light 

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